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Lubes and Safe Sex

Enhance your sex life with our huge range of essential sex lubricants, condoms and orgasm enhancers.  Take your pleasure to the next level as you discover what makes our Lubes and Safe Sex so popular. 

250ml Lubido Paraben Free Water Based Lubricant

Long lasting water based lubricant in a 250ml easy pump action bottle...

£4.59 £5.74

250ml Super Slik Lubricant

Intimate sexual lubricant designed to heighten sexual pleasure. A water based, non staining lubricant..

£5.51 £6.89

4 In 1 Pure And Clean Misting Toy Cleaner

Use 4 in 1 Pure & Clean Misting Toy Cleaner to clean your toys gently, safely, and effectively. Convenient mist dispenses fast for quick thorough clea..

£10.11 £12.64

Anal Douche

The Anal Douche is the ultimate in anal recreation. Simply fill with the liquid of your choice for cleansing or stimulation. This toy is sure to pleas..

£7.35 £9.19

Anal Eze Gel Lubricant

High potency formula anal eze desensitizes the applied area with the 7.5% benzocaine smooth slick formula...

£14.71 £18.39

Anal Lube Natural In Pump Dispenser 135ml

Anal Lube Natural in Pump Dispenser 135ml..

£20.23 £25.29

Astroglide 2.5oz Lubricant

Astroglide was created by Daniel Wray, a former NASA aerospace chemist, while working on the Space Shuttle. After experimenting with nearly 300 differ..

£8.27 £10.34

Astroglide Gel Lubricant

Astroglide Gel has a thicker formula than liquid Astroglide. It provides lubrication for enhancing the comfort and ease of intimate activity. Water-ba..

£9.19 £11.49

Astroglide O Organic Oil Blend 120ml

A unique blend of organic, ultra-hydrating plant-based oils gives this personal lubricant and massage oil a luxurious feel.Use ASTROGLIDE O massage oi..

£18.39 £22.99

Astroglide Sensitive Skin Gel 3oz Lubricant

Astroglide Ultra Gentle Gel is an ultra-gentle gel lube that has no parabens, glycerin, or fragrance and thus ideal for those that have sensitive skin..

£8.27 £10.34

Astroglide Strawberry 2.5oz Lubricant

It's everything you expect from Astroglide Personal Lubricant. But there's a little something extra - the luscious fragrance and flavor of fresh straw..

£9.19 £11.49

Astroglide X Lubricant

Experience Pure Sexcitement with Astroglide's new premium lubricant Astroglide X. This new formula was designed for those who demand high performance..

£11.03 £13.79

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Great Sex Is Safe sex

It might not be the hottest topic of discussion but practising safe sex is essential to keep you safe, happy and healthy. Sex is usually spontaneous, passionate and exciting and no one wants to halt the fun because you didn't have time to get protection and you should never ‘risk it’. So it is a great idea to stock up on the essentials now and always have them on hand when things get heated.   


Condoms come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. They are a sheath shaped barrier that is placed over the skin of the penis and used during intercourse. A condom has been proven to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy by 98%. Using a condom doesn’t have to be a libido killer as there are many options available that can enhance both partners pleasure.

Flavoured Condoms are designed to be used during oral sex, the various flavoured coating helps to hide the taste of the latex making giving oral much more enjoyable.

Ribbed Condoms are cleverly designed to have raised ridges placed around the sheath, they can also come with raised dots, and these have been strategically placed to enhance the pleasure and overall experience of penetration. 

Control Condoms are the perfect solution for men who want to last longer, they are sturdy and designed to reduce sensation during intercourse (which sounds like a bad thing) but by reducing the sensation means you can go for much longer allow you and your partner to have better longer climaxes.

Natural Feel condoms are perfect when you want to feel like you’re not wearing a condom but still making sure you a protected.  

Sex Toy Cleaners

Keeping your toys clean after each use is important not only to stop the build-up of nasty bacteria but it can also to extend the life of your favourite toys. Generally, most sex toys are made from medical grade silicone, stainless steel, or glass. These can usually be cleaned effectively with mild soap and hot water, it is best practice to clean your toys before and after each use, it is best to let them naturally air dry and keep them stored away in an airtight bag.

But if you don’t want to leave your silicone toys out next to the sink there are a range of cleaners you can buy to keep handy just for such use. They are designed to do the job of sterilising the toys and have no nasty chemicals that can cause you the wrong kind of burn in your genital areas or a nasty yeast infection.

Browse our sex toy cleaners we have chosen to keep your toys in tip-top condition, we also have a cleaning kit with specially engineered brushes to help clean those hard to get places.

Lubricants and Oils

When it comes to sex, whatever your preference there is one universal rule… the wetter the better. Using a lubricant during play has become more popular especially since the old myth that lube is only for vaginal dryness has died out. It is now commonplace to have a tube handy to enhance your lovemaking.

You have a ton of options available when looking for types of lube. They generally come in four base styles: Water, Silicone, Oil and Hybrid (a mix of each).  Depending on what you will be using the lubricant for will help you choose the right type for you.

Water-Based Lubes

Water-based lubricants are probably the most popular type as it is so versatile, it can be used in as many ways as you could think and is safe to use with sensitive skin and silicone toys and actually reduces the risk of condoms breaking. The balanced PH is great for your vagina, is easy to clean and won’t stain. It’s easy to see why it is a best seller.

Silicone Based Lube

Silicone lubricant is one of the most slippery lubes, making it a perfect product for use in non-vaginal penetration, or where you want to mix water and intercourse. It is long-lasting and won’t evaporate as water-based or saliva does. It works well with latex condoms but be careful if using silicone sex toys as it can break down the silicon.

Oil-Based Lubricants

If you are looking for a sexual lubricant that just keeps going and going then oil-based lube is the one to choose as your best option, it offers outstanding performance in water and keeps everything gliding along. You can also use the oil in an intimate massage during foreplay. 

Keep Sex Safe and fun

Whatever your pleasure we have collected the best selling products to help keep your sexy times fun and safe. Browse our range today and stock up with everything you need to have maximum bedroom fun whilst keeping yourself safe.