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blindfolds and masks

For erotic and sensual fun in the bedroom, try using a blindfold! It increases sensitivity and will have you dripping with anticipation. The perfect way to get started and enter the world of bondage play.

Blindfold Blindfold

Blindfold, 100% polyester. 150 X 10 cm...

£15.63 £19.54

Cushioned Blindfold

Genuine leather cushioned blindfold, adjustable with buckle...

£33.11 £41.39

Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Leather Love Mask

Create thrilling sexual excitement with this beautiful Fetish Fantasy Leather Love Mask. Try it on your lover or use it as a nightshade for yourself. ..

£10.11 £12.64

Frisky Deluxe Black Out Blindfold Frisky Deluxe Black Out Blindfold

Contoured to accomodate the curvature of the face, its padded and adjustable with a velcro fastening...

£11.95 £14.94

Leather Blindfold Leather Blindfold

Genuine leather blindfold, adjustable with buckles...

£16.55 £20.69

Leather Blindfold Mask Leather Blindfold Mask

Blindfold decorated with rivets, adjustable with buckle...

£30.35 £37.94

Leather Blindfold With Detachable Blinkers

Genuine leather blindfold with detachable blinkers, adjustable with buckles...

£21.15 £26.44

Leather Open Eye Mask With Rivets Leather Open Eye Mask With Rivets

Open eye mask decorated with rivets, adjustable with buckle...

£30.35 £37.94

Master Series Bad Bunny Bunny Mask

You may be an adorable bunny, but you can still be dangerous! Are you a precious pet or a wild animal? Slip into this ravishing rabbit mask for a rapt..

£54.27 £67.84

Master Series Dark Horse Pony Head Harness

Perfect for training your prized pony, this head harness had equine ears and a silicone bit gag that will keep those neighs at bay. There are a total ..

£57.95 £72.44

Master Series Naughty Kitty Cat Mask

Act out your animalistic fantasies with the Naughty Kitty mask. Slip it on for a frisky foray with friends, or private party with your partner. They w..

£36.79 £45.99

Ouch Black Luxury Eye Mask Ouch Black Luxury Eye Mask

For any kinky role play, a well-fitting eye mask is an absolute must-have! Indulge yourself or your partner in the mysterious unknown and revel in ant..

£8.27 £10.34

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