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Gags and Bits

Unleash your inner sex beast and enjoy better bondage with our range of bits and gags. Give your sub a playful night of pleasure and pain to enjoy whilst biting down of the quality Gags and Bits.

Beginners Breathable Ball Gag Beginners Breathable Ball Gag

An integral part of most bondage lovers kit. This gag is ideal for beginners as it has the little breath holes and a quick adjustable buckle. Packagin..

£8.27 £10.34

Black Leather Inflatable Gag Black Leather Inflatable Gag

Enjoy the silence!Adjustable head restraints made of solid leather. The included latex penis gag impresses with its striking veins. It can be pumped u..

£67.15 £83.94

Black Padded Mouth Gag With Breathable Ball Black Padded Mouth Gag With Breathable Ball

Ball gag with padded straps for comfort and velcro back fastening to ensure the perfect fit.The ball gag is breathable and measures 45mm diameter...

£13.79 £17.24

Bone And Gagged Silicone Dog Gag Bone And Gagged Silicone Dog Gag

Two adjustable 12 inch straps with buckles attached to silicone bone shapped gag. The gag is about 6 inches in length with a 1 inch thickness. Padlock..

£31.27 £39.09

Doppleganger Silicone Double Mouth Gag

Force your slaves to become intimately acquainted! This double mouth gag keeps all your favourite things in one place, with a single silicone ball for..

£29.43 £36.79

Gag With Smile Hooks

Black leather adjustable strap with metal hooks designed to fit into the corner of the mouth to force a smile...

£21.15 £26.44

Inflatable Gag With Dildo Inflatable Gag With Dildo

Made to serve two functions at once, this Inflatable Gag with Dildo will surely make things interesting. The inside part functions as a mouth gag that..

£45.99 £57.49

Inflatable Latex Balloon Gag With Pump

Easy to use hand pump with release valve...

£24.83 £31.04

Killer Leather Mouth Gag

This is a real Killer Mouth Gag. Put the ball in the mouth of your slave and buckle the firm leather strap up behind his or her head. Then you screw t..

£49.67 £62.09

Leather Ball Gag And Head Harness

Genuine leather Gag with rubber ball and head strap, adjustable with buckle...

£40.47 £50.59

Leather Gag With Studs Leather Gag With Studs

Genuine leather gag with soft lined mouth piece, adjustable with press studs...

£44.15 £55.19

Leather Gag With Urine Tube Leather Gag With Urine Tube

Genuine leather gag with urine tube, 35 mm, adjustable with buckle...

£45.07 £56.34

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